2FA for Apple ID is available, do it now! (or don’t, see within)

On March 21st, Apple made two-factor authentication available for certain devices running iOS 9.3 or MacOS X El Capitan.

Now, let me save you some time.

If you are following the instructions, but not seeing 2FA available in your iCloud security settings, you probably have two-step verification already enabled.

In order to configure 2FA, you will have to disable two-step verification from one of your devices. This will require you to provide some inane ‘security question’ answers, but don’t worry – you won’t use them a single time.

One other note – if you’re signing into a MacOS X device with your iCloud credential, that goes away as well. You will be required to set a new local password that will be used to gain access if you cannot access your 2FA device(s). This may be a challenge for centrally managed environments, and could violate one of more of your internal policies. So please ask your IT department before doing this on a company-owned or managed device.

Once you’ve disabled two-step verification, you can follow the instructions linked above to configure 2FA. It’s pretty slick!

Here’s the notification I received on my Mac when changing a setting on my iPhone that required iCloud authentication:Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 6.40.20 PM

From infrastructure management to infrastructure security

The foundation of a layered approach to security for both core and edge is configuration management. For a long time now we have seen other IT darlings like security and process automation eat up any budget not consumed by your ERP project. I’d argue that you can’t really accomplish any of your organizational goals for IT operations without a systems management infrastructure that is reliable, relevant and accessible.

In a webinar delivered last month, I asked you to consider how Symantec’s IT Management Suite v7.5 can be leveraged to enable your risk management and compliance operations. Whether it’s knowing where your assets are being used (and by whom) or aggregating event data for your info management solution – ITMS probably has some tricks you haven’t seen. Check out the webinar on Symantec Connect at https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/blogs/webcast-recording-enabling-security-and-compliance-itms-october-1-2014.

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